Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jerusalem Wailing Wall and Bethlehem Birthplace

Today we started at the Temple in Jerusalem and walked the tunnel over Herod's road along the western wall. You would think that everything that could have been found about the Temple would have been discovered already but archeologists are continually excavating and finding more. After all the Temple has been subject to centuries of destruction, burial and excavation along with periods of re-construction.

We followed the traditional stations of the cross. Tradition has 14 events whereas Scripture only records less than half that number. There are two divergent opinions for the direction of the Via Dolorosa but there are several known exact spots of Jesus' walk.

Praying at the Wailing Wall was an emotional experience to ask for God's blessing at the place He had determined for His people to pray. Sitting on the very steps where Jesus would have taught at the Temple and where Peter preached the first Gospel sermon and to see where the 3000 were baptized was thrilling.

The last part of the day we visited Bethlehem which is under Palestinian Authority. It was great to see the shepherd's fields where the angel announced Jesus' birth. Still today the most ordinary people (the bedouins) are the shepherds. God came for all people. At the church of the Nativity we saw the stone manger in the cave where the local Christians have prayed since the days of Jesus, because they understood it to be His birthplace.

We have stepped back in time visiting these places but still we have been following the One who transcends all time and meets us where we are.

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  1. What a assume experience it sounds like you and Thelma are having! I can't imagine the feeling of being right there were Jesus was! Is the feeling of Gods presents stronger would you say? Of course God is every where and I feel his presents here in cold old Ohio...just a thought! I love you guys and I'm so glad you get to share this together!!

  2. I am so excited that you are able to tread this path. I can imagine that every step brings the scriptures to life as you travel the lives and times of Christ.

    I would also believe that the Old Testament as well would come alive as you see the ways and traditions of the Jewish people. I think that this would make things a lot more clear to actually witness the ways of the people.

    If it isn't too much to ask do me a favor... When you get to the Garden of Gethsemane say a quick prayer for me (all of us) just as Jesus did for his followers on the night he was betrayed. Well maybe not so intense.

  3. I have had the opportunity to follow your steps all on one day. I can just imagine how the scriptures are coming to life for you as you are able to actually visit the steps that were taken and visit it.

    I could imagine that each step would bring forth a new scripture and the lives and times of Jesus would become so real.